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The Top 5 Reasons to Join CSC

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The Chicago Sound Collective is a music club for all skill levels, ages, and musical aspirations. With monthly shows, a dedicated practice space, and community involvement, CSC is your one-stop shop for unleashing your inner musician.

Below are the top 5 reasons to join our Chicago based community.

1. Convenient Rehearsal Space

CSC’s dedicated rehearsal space is secured and available 24/7 to our members. Find us at The Music Garage, just west of the West Loop, not far from I-290 or I-90 if you are coming in from other parts of the city or even the suburbs. There is a small parking lot or nearby street parking is not hard to find.

2. Fully Equipped Room

The CSC space is stocked with everything you need to just show up and start playing. Equipment includes guitars, drums, bass, keys, mics, amps, Bluetooth speakers, etc. Dues pay for the equipment, so it belongs to all of us!

3. Opportunities to Jam

There are regularly scheduled jam times usually on Wednesday evenings, but sometimes we get together on other days impromptu and just let the music flow. Jams provide a chance to collaborate with and meet other musicians in a low-stress environment. Want to try your hand at a new instrument? Is there a song you’ve been wanting to play? Want to try singing for the first time? Stop by to give it a shot in a judgment-free zone.

4. Live Gigs

If you want to try your hand at a live performance, even if you’ve never gigged with a band before, this is your chance! This is truly an opportunity to feel like a rockstar, we play at venues such as Reggie’s Music Joint and Golden Dagger but are hoping to add even more options. Grab your friends, family, or even your crush to show off your mad skills!

5. The People

Last but not least, without a doubt, the members are what make CSC truly awesome! If you want a supportive group of friends to rock out with, look no further. Whether you are a novice or have been playing for years, the other members will encourage you to jump right in. We have a diverse group of talented musicians at all different levels, but there is a straight-up family vibe here.

All are welcome!

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