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Tara Q

Tara Q

Tara Q

Vocals, Guitar

Primary Instrument – Vocals

Secondary Instrument – Guitar

Tara’s full name in Urdu translates to “melody,” so it makes sense that singing came naturally to her at a young age. Her earliest musical influences were from her parents’ love of 80’s pop, Bollywood, and country music— and everything in between.

She recently picked up guitar to help accompany herself and is still learning to play and sing simultaneously. Tara enjoys a variety of genres and will literally try to sing almost anything, but jazz, R&B, and rock all have a special place in her heart.

Tara joined CSC because it brings together a diverse and supportive music community that is unmatched in any other forum. The unique opportunity to be the lead singer of a band through CSC makes her feel like an occasional rockstar.

Insta: tarannum_q

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