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Guitar Lessons in Chicago

Learn to play the guitar from professional musicians in Chicago.

Guitar Lessons in Chicagoland

All Skill Levels. Offering Remote & In-Person Lessons

Guitar Lessons For All Skill Levels

Taking guitar lessons can help you learn how to play the guitar and develop your skills. With the help of our musical community, we offer lessons for students of all skill levels. We have something for everyone, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player seeking new techniques. 

Our lessons are designed to help students progress quickly and confidently, with the goal of getting you on stage playing in front of an audience. You can learn the basics of guitar playing with proper guidance and the support of our welcoming community of members.

Guitar Lessons in Chicago for Intermediate to Advanced

Experienced players can benefit from advanced guitar lessons by learning more complex musical concepts. Lessons like these can allow you to explore different genres and develop your creative skills. 

Among the topics covered in lessons are advanced finger-picking techniques, alternate tunings, improvisation, and theory. Students will have the opportunity to practice timing, phrasing, dynamics, and expression with other musicians. Intermediate to advanced guitar lessons can be a great way for you to improve your existing skills and explore new ones.

We Also Offer Remote Opportunities for Online Guitar Lessons

A growing number of aspiring guitarists take online guitar lessons to improve their skills. There’s never been an easier way to hone your skills on the instrument than by taking advantage of quality instruction right from your home, taught by experienced instructors. 

Online guitar lessons offer a convenient way to work around busy schedules and can provide guidance on basic music theory as well as various techniques needed to become proficient at playing the guitar. In addition to being less expensive than traditional one-on-one lessons, these lessons provide students of all ages and skill levels with unprecedented levels of flexibility.

Featured Guitar Instructor

Justin Laforte


Justin’s first love was classic rock – but his musical interests didn’t stop there. Eventually earning his BA in Music and performance from Loyola University Chicago, he studied jazz with Kyle Asche, Scott Burns, Victor Garcia, and Anthony Molinaro, and classical guitar with Peter Aglinskas. Justin is a performing musician, equally at home playing in musical theatre pits, weddings, and shows with his own rock bands. For the last decade Justin has worked for gear website as their main on-camera demo musician, creating product demo videos for anything from guitars, basses, keyboards, pedals, and amplifiers. He also writes and produces all of his own songs for the company, and serves as their main recording and mixing engineer.

Looking for Guitars? We Can Help!

There are many different types of guitars. There are countless variations of electric, acoustic, single pickup, dual humbuckers, semi-hollow body, solid body, semi-hollow body and more. The community at Chicago Sound Collective can take into account your budget, experience, and playing style to help you find the right guitar for you.


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