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What is Indie Music?

What is Indie Music? 

Indie is a shortened term for Independent and refers to the fact that none of the major record labels are involved in the initial funding, creation, marketing and distribution of the music. A major record label is typically defined as one that has over 5% of the market. Today that refers to only 3 or 4 companies that together own around 85% of the market (Sony, Universal, and Warner).

What does indie mean in music?

Indie is a business model for how to create and sell music, and not a specific genre or sound. There are many subheaders under the term Indie, including Indie Rock, Indie Electronic, Indie Pop, Indie Folk, Indie Rap, Indie Hip Hop, and so on. 

What does indie music sound like?

While Indie music does NOT refer to a specific music genre, some folks believe that simply because it is produced independently from the major record labels, and so both not subject to their opinions and direction and also typically less well funded, that the music is rougher, grittier, or less over-polished. 

What kind of person likes indie music?

Indie music has many subgenres and so it would be hard to characterize the fan base as a specific type of individual. One could assume that since indie music and artists are by definition independent of the mainstream, commercial music labels, that it would attract those folks that like to go against the mainstream, folks that prefer the small mom-and-pops over the big corporations.

What is indie folk music?

Indie folk music is based on traditional folk music and interpreted by more contemporary independent musicians, adding instruments to the traditional folk acoustic guitar. Another way to look at indie folk music is that it is the combination of indie rock/pop with traditional folk.

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